My Dear Charlotte

My Dear Charlotte

My Dear Charlotte, by Hazel Holt

Coffeetown Press is proud to announce the release of My Dear Charlotte, by Hazel Holt.  My Dear Charlotte is a British myrder mystery that takes place in the Regency period.  Unlike other popular Regency mysteries and romances, My Dear Charlotte is based on the letters of Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra.  While the story is new, the details having to do with balls, dinners, and other social events are given in the words of Jane Austen herself, making this a historical mystery novel of extraordinary veracity.

This thrilling Regency murder mystery will appeal to all fans of mystery novels.  It will also be welcomed by readers of Jane Austen because this unique novel is constructed using the actual language of Jane Austen’s letters.  It’s great fun, and an important new work by the renowned author of the Mrs. Malory Mysteries.  Here’s an excerpt:

Of course it cannot be denied that Mr Woodstock himself will lead a happier life without his formidable spouse, though I do not believe that he could have summoned up the courage to dispose of her!

Mr Rivers will be glad to be rid of one who would have put obstacles in the way of his plans for the Barbados estate, but I do not think that may be considered a sufficient reason for an honourable man to take a life.

Mrs West, however, seems to me to lack such scruples if they stood in the way of her daughter’s advancement. I do not at present see how she could have brought about Mrs Woodstock’s demise, but no doubt, if I give my mind to it, I may presently think of something.

Poor John coachman also had reason to wish his mistress dead, since his whole happiness (and that of Sarah) depended upon keeping his position at Holcombe and if he had been turned away without a character his case would have been miserable indeed.

So you see, there are a number of people who will be happy at Mrs Woodstock’s death. Perhaps I should add myself to the list for the sake of those hours of tedium and the many irritations she has subjected me to!

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