Entry-Level, by Bobby Casella

ISBN: 978-1-60381-058-6
Paperback: $16.95
Ebook: $4.95

“I love how the readers are allowed to experience the character of Robert.  We get to share his views as he narrates the story.  In many ways, it seems he never grew up, yet it is obvious he has the abilities and skills to succeed in life if he puts forth the effort.  He spends more time working to develop schemes to make quick money instead of working hard at the job he has been given.  Even though Robert seems like a lazy and immature low-life, I somehow found him likable and I wanted him to become somebody … Entry-Level will appeal to males between the ages of eighteen and thirty.  They will probably be able to relate to Robert on some level.  There is a great deal of humor throughout the story, especially in Robert’s encounters (both real and imagined) with his mother …. Entry-Level is a fun escape from everyday life.  The unexpected ending will leave the reader rethinking what constitutes being successful.”

—Leslie Granier for Reader Views

A “deranged young professional” is hell-bent on making a million bucks because he thinks life without money is not worth living.  Entry-Level is an outrageous and ultimately heart-warming adventure comedy about a young man’s battle with cynicism.

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