Sacred Ground & Holy Water, by Lyn Fuchs

Sacred Ground & Holy Water
ISBN: 978-1-60381-118-7
Paperback: $15.95
Ebook: $4.95

Sacred Ground & Holy Water: One Man’s Adventures in the Wild (198 pages), by Lyn Fuchs, is the ultimate collection of adventure stories for armchair and active travelers. Although written from a male perspective, these humorous, insightful accounts of Fuchs’ travels are bound to captivate readers of both sexes.

If you are looking for the book subtitled “Travel Tales of Enlightenment,” you have come to the right place. This is simply a new edition in a brighter, shinier 5 x 8 package.

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“No one since Hunter S. Thompson has loved the wild and woolly world with as much intensity, insight, passion and gusto as Lyn Fuchs in his new collection of travel writing Sacred Ground & Holy Water: Travel Tales of Enlightenment. From Africa, Central America, India, the Pacific Northwest, and back again, Lyn’s rambunctious dispatches from the far corners of our strange globe arrive with the full force of whitewater plunging from mountains, lava burning the very soles from our hiking boots. So delicious are the bountiful meals he eats, so beautiful the foreign lasses he dallies with, nothing is left for the reader but a searing jealousy, an aching desire to be out there ourselves. Thompson, rest his soul, would be proud.”

—Tony D’Souza, Author of Whiteman, The Konkans, and the forthcoming Mule

“Fuchs is a deft raconteur, and he shows he can paint a compelling romantic description.”   Read more …

—Gary Klinga, ForeWord Reviews

“Spicy writing with a strong male perspective with more than an ample dash of wit and humour make the Sacred Ground & Holy Water, a very enjoyable read. Though reading it as I did in one sitting, one might wish that there were more of a flow from chapter to chapter. But by the end of the book, the only thing the voice in my head was saying was, ‘Please Sir, I want some more.’ ”
Read more …

—Shweta Ganesh Kumar, writer and freelance travel journalist

The first book by writer and professor Lyn Fuchs, Sacred Ground is a collection of travel stories filled with humor, tragedy, adventure, sexual innuendo, and spiritual insight. Lyn should be called Lyndiana Jones. He has survived enraged grizzlies, erupting volcanoes, Japanese swordfights, and giant squid tentacles. He has been entrapped by FBI agents and held at gunpoint by renegade soldiers. He has sung with Bulgaria’s bluesmaster Vasko the Patch and met with Mexico’s Zapatista Army commander Marcos. He has been thrown out of forbidden temples in southern India and passed out in sweat lodges off the Alaskan coast. His navel has been inhabited by beetles and his genitals have been cursed by eunuchs. He has shared coffee with presidents, beer with pirates, and goat guts with polygamists. He has contracted malaria, typhoid, salmonella, and lovesickness around the world.

“My writing habit began when heavy snow sealed me for weeks into a log cabin amidst the thick timber of Canada’s craggy mountains,” says Fuchs. “Life was forever changed. With nothing to do but observe minute details and reflect upon them, I spent silent solitary hours grasping for exact words to convey my experience to others, for when that connection would be restored. Meditations transformed into magazine articles. From eye to mind to pen, the journeys of my life were distilled into the stories that make up this collection, to the very last one written on an isolated Mexican ranch under a fiery sunset and the influence of tequila. My spirit is in these pages too. When a girlfriend’s father once asked about my religion, I responded, ‘After traveling the world, I still believe in four things: God, love, nature, and children, but everything else seems like bullshit.’ He welcomed my weary but honest soul into his home. This book is the same spirit—hoping for a few hours in your hands and maybe even a place in your heart. If you aren’t currently holed up at a snowy cabin or a sunny ranch but wish you were, consider letting Sacred Ground & Holy Water take you there.”

Fuchs’ travel writing has appeared in Outdoor Canada, Monday Magazine, Canadian Ethnic Studies, The Dalhousie Review, Eclectica Literary Journal, Rose and Thorn, Gam Magazine, Paperplates Literary Journal, Travel Rag, 3:AM Magazine, artist-at-large, Long Trip Home, Crank Literary Journal, The Kinte Space, Travelmag, Hack Writers, Trip 101, Raging Face, Traveling Stories, The Best of Bluefoot Publishing and others. For more information, go to

Fuchs is a professor of communication at the University of Papaloapan and has earned his Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees in communication and philosophy.

Sacred Ground & Holy Water is available in trade paperback, Kindle ($6.95) and will soon be available in cloth ($23.95) editions on,,, and Other ebook versions will be sold on Smashwords and available through most major ebook retailers. Bookstores and libraries can order through, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor.


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