The Coldness of Night, by George Fong

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781603817851
eBook: $5.99

The Coldness of Night, by George Fong

FBI Agent Jack Paris is called when a young girl comes up missing. A girl he is all too familiar with. Five years ago, drug dealer, Robert Clarion found himself in a dispute with his drug supplier culminating in the kidnapping of his daughter Rachel. Robert made a promise to his wife that, if Paris got their daughter back, he would get out of the drug business and never let anyone stand in the way of his family’s safety again. Paris rescued her but the person responsible was never identified or captured. Paris knows nothing is over until the one that calls the shots is behind bars. So, he also makes a promise; if anyone came back looking for Rachel, he would be there to keep her safe. Now, after all these years, the nightmare of the past has returned…

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