Bedeviled, by John A. Vanek

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ISBN: 978-1-942078-58-6
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Bedeviled, by John A. Vanek

Father Jake Austin’s investigation of an abducted teenager, the drug overdose of a second teen, the savage beating of a nun, and amphetamine-laced Communion wine reveals a chilling evil at the heart of a human trafficking ring, turning Jake’s world upside-down and endangering those he cares deeply about. Murder, mayhem, and a malignant ministry that Father Brown couldn’t have even imagined a century ago.

Bedeviled is book 4 in the Father Austin Mystery series.

John Vanek graduated from Case Western Reserve University, where his passion for creative writing took root. He received his M.D. from the University of Rochester and practiced medicine in Ohio for a quarter century, but his interest in writing never waned. Medicine was his life, but mysteries and poetry became his drugs of choice.

gan honing his craft in creative writing workshops and college courses and was gratified when his early work won contests and was published widely. He now lives happily as an ink-stained-wretch in Florida with Geni, his wife, fellow writer, and best friend. He teaches a poetry workshop for seniors at a local college, and enjoys swimming, hiking, sunshine, good friends, and red wine.

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