Berlin Walls, by Bill Rapp

Cold War, Thriller, Berlin Walls, Bill Rapp, Historical Fiction
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-942078-12-8
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Berlin Walls, by Bill Rapp

It is August 1961, and CIA officer Karl Baier finds himself back in Berlin working with his old KGB nemesis and sometimes source, Sergei Chernov, who wants to defect. This time, though, Baier must find a way to get not only Chernov, but also his wife’s parents through the new wall going up that is turning West Berline into an island surrounded by the Red Army and East German border guards. From there Chernov runs to Paris and Rome, trying to track down his brother’s killer. The Kremlin, meanwhile, has assigned one of its most feared assassins to stop Chernov, and the East German Stasi has joined the hunt for reasons of its own. Chernov continues to elude Baier and his American partners and meet with KGB colleagues, raising questions about his own plans and loyalties. But the payoff of securing the KGB defector and his promise of inside information on Moscow’s plans is just too great to walk away from — especially when the world appears to be on the bringk of World War III, once more over Berlin.

Bill Rapp began his professional life as an academic, teaching European History at Iowa State University. A graduate of Notre Dame (B.A.), The University of Toronto (M.A.) and Vanderbilt (Ph. D.), Bill has always been particularly intrigued by German history, but the last 35 years working for the U. S. Government has broadened his perspective to all of Europe and much of the Middle East.  His career has taken him around the world, including to Berlin as the Wall fell and Germany was reunified.  Bill Rapp’s books include the mystery novels Angel in Black, A Pale Rain,  Burning Altars, Berlin Breakdown, Tears of Innocence, and The Hapsburg Variation, and he is a proud member of The Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and The International Association of Crime Writers.

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