The Last Straw, by Michael Niemann

The Last Straw, Michael Niemann, Valentin Vermeulen, Thriller, Mystery, Murder, US-Mexico Border
Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-60381-240-5
eBook: $5.99

The Last Straw, by Michael Niemann

Expecting a little down time, Vermeulen joins his partner Tessa Bishonga on a research trip to the US/Mexican border in Arizona. Instead he is drawn into the investigation of a murdered skeleton found in the Sonoran desert. The dead man’s notebook contains Vermeulen’s phone number. The local authorities are looking for evidence of trafficking networks and interrogate Vermeulen. He has no choice but to dig into the case himself.

As the two delve into the dangerous world of refugees and migrants, dark forced take notice. A killer, who evaded justice seven years earlier, sees an opportunity for revenge. Cartels aim to eliminate the interlopers. A right-wing militia wants to teach Bishonga a lesson. Set against the tragic border policies of the United States, Vermeulen and Bishonga face their biggest challenges yet, and the threats aren’t only coming from the criminals.

The Last Straw is the sixth book in the Valentin Vermeulen Thriller series.

Michael Niemann grew up in a small town in Germany near the Dutch border. Crossing that border often instilled in him a curiosity about the world. He turned that curiosity into an academic career in International and African Studies. Now writing international thrillers has become a way to satisfy that curiosity. He currently lives in Ashland, Oregon.

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