Criminal Justice

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781942078869
eBook: $5.95

Criminal Justice, by Randee Green

After a lifetime of dealing with her family’s criminal antics, Detective Carrie Shatner has run out of tolerance. The Shatners have also run out of time. Thanks to their recklessness, the Department of Public Safety has finally caught on to what they’ve been up to. Carrie is trying to play both sides against the middle by taking control of her family’s criminal organization as she turns over evidence against them.

It’s turning out to be a whole lot harder than she imagined.

It’s Fall in Wyatt County, and Carrie is one of the many Shatners who is dedicating her weekends to terrorizing customers at the Body Farm haunted attraction. Playacting and scaring customers allows Carrie to escape the stress caused by the Shatners and the law enforcement officers who she is trying to save them from.

One night, the props in the haunted hayride’s torture scene are used for their intended purposes when masked assailants attack two of Carrie’s cousins and murder a family friend. She doesn’t want to think any of her relatives were involved, but she knows that it’s a possibility. Family loyalty is put to the test, and the foundation of the Shatners’ criminal organization begins to crumble as they start turning against each other.

As attacks against her family mount up, Carrie teams up with Sergeant Jerrod Hardy of the Texas Rangers to find the people responsible before anyone else is killed. With outside factors forcing their way into Carrie’s dangerous game and more threats being made against her family, Carrie has to examine both friend and foe to find the person responsible for the brutal attacks and stop them before she becomes the next victim.

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