Caught in the Snare of the Hunter, by David Carlson

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Caught in the Snare of the Hunter, by David Carlson

A Mystery of Nesting Russian Dolls  . . .

Lieutenant Christopher Worthy and Lena Fabriano forego a peaceful autumn vacation to accept Father Nicholas Fortis’ invitation to track down a missing priest with a shadowy past.    

Initial interviews reveal that church and community members in Saginaw, Michigan, are divided about Father Joseph, the missing priest.  Has something horrible happened to their beloved shepherd, or is he a “bent” priest?  As the case progresses, Worthy and Nick also find themselves divided over Father Joseph.  Is he an unstable narcissist or a misunderstood priest? 

The case seems at a dead end until they find the priest’s accomplice who divulges that Father Joseph traveled north into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  From there, Worthy and Nick trace the priest’s flight into Canada, seemingly at the request of a woman from his past who claims her life is in danger. 

Father Joseph’s disappearance depends on solving the mystery of Natasha Luzinsky, his fellow grad student, who fled Ukraine to hide with relatives in rural Canada. It is like opening a Russian nesting doll to find another doll inside.

Arriving at the farm where Natasha has been hiding, Worthy, Nick, and Lena discover that they are too late.  Having heard that her criminal ex-husband, Sergei, had discovered her location in Canada and is coming for her, Natasha has fled with her baby and Father Joseph for an unknown location.  

Again, the team realizes that finding Natasha and Father Joseph now depends on first finding the revenge-seeking Sergei—another Russian doll nested inside the others. The trail ends on a remote island in a northern Manitoba lake where Worthy must face his own past if he is to find Father Joseph before Sergei does.      

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