Welcome to Jimmy’s Place, by Michael Mayo

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781684920266
eBook: $5.99

Welcome to Jimmy’s Place, by Michael Mayo

It’s 1934. Prohibition has been repealed. Jimmy’s Place is almost legal and it’s more popular than ever. But all is not well for young Mr. Quinn. Connie wants to unload a fabulous golden egg, possibly Fabergé, and go to Paris. A couple of millionaires and a secret society are out to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt, and somebody’s trying to kill Jimmy. Repeatedly. Then there’s the mysterious “guardian angel” in a doughboy’s uniform who somehow knows when and where he is needed. The answers are found in the Bonus Army March on Washington, and in Jimmy’s past as a runner for Arnold Rothstein, the Black Sox World Series and, again, the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Can she? Or will these hated men turn into real people? Case in point: Former Lufthansa pilot Gerd Gauss, an Austrian forced to join the Luftwaffe or be shot. He lost a wife and infant son during Allied night bombing over Hamburg. Gerd’s loss is no less tragic than hers. It’s a hard truth to realize that wars have two sides.


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