When the House Burns, by Priscilla Paton

When the House Burns, by Priscilla Paton

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781684920815
eBook: $6.99

A volatile real estate market, unrest in a homeless encampment, jealousies among would-be lovers, a case of arson—these circumstances thwart G-Met detectives Erik Jansson and Deb Metzger as they investigate the murder of an adulterous woman. The victim’s estranged husband has holes in his alibi. A property developer grieves too much over the death of the woman, a real estate agent, while his wife shuts him out. The developer’s assistant resents his boss and suspects that the developer was not only involved with the victim but is being scammed by the arsonist. A sexy young widow, friend of the victim, has past traumas triggered by the case and turns to the developer for protection. A homeless man stalked the dead woman and now stalks the young widow. All may hold secrets about the past burning of an apartment complex and the man who died there.

Deb Metzger must race a suspect in a swimming pool and deal with catfights among realtors. Erik Jansson must track down the homeless man and outwit the devious assistant. Before the clues come together, Erik is trapped in an abandoned house as Deb hunts for a sharpshooter at a remote construction site. The case will burn down around Erik and Deb unless they can scheme their way out of lethal surroundings.

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