Indigo Road, by Reed Bunzel

Paperback: $17.95
ISBN: 9781684922048
eBook: $6.99

Indigo Road, by Reed Bunzel

While still slinging drinks fulltime at The Sandbar in Folly Beach, Jack Connor works a side gig as a licensed bounty hunter. While transporting his latest bail skip named Willis Ronson back to jail, his SUV is ambushed by a team of gunmen, killing Ronson instantly and seriously injuring Alisha Dupree, his court-appointed attorney. Connor can’t help but poke around the edges of the deadly incident and learns that Ronson was a man of many secrets, including a mysterious woman from his past who has caused him to be sucked into a domestic terrorism fringe group.

Connor soon learns Ronson’s murder was ordered by the leader of an armed supremacist group known as 2AM, an acronym for the “Second Amendment Militia.” A massive tract of land located on the fringe of a remote forest has been converted to a guerilla training site, and the doomsday preppers who live there are bracing for an all-out war against the government. When a series of violent events leads Connor to infiltrate the nihilistic group, he has no idea he’s stepping into the middle of a government undercover sting.      Or that a powerful business tycoon and political facilitator named Colt Lomax is waiting in the shadows to turn his life into a living hell.

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