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Recent & New Titles The Crocodile’s Kill Deception at the Diamond D Ranch, by G.R. Stahl Restitution, by Donald Catalano Wrapped in Darkness, by David Carlson Berlin Walls, by Bill Rapp The Last Straw, by Michael Niemann Like a Thief in the Night, by David Carlson Sing the Dead Man’s Song, by Arthur Burke Bedeviled,…

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Alpaugh, Cole Dash in the Blue Pacific (FICTION) Retail Price: $14.95; 256 pages ISBN: 978-1-60381-252-8 (5×8 Trade Paperback) The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka (FICTION) Retail Price: $15.95; 288 pages ISBN: 978-1-60381-116-3 (5×8 Trade Paperback) The Spy’s Little Zonbi (FICTION/ESPIONAGE) Retail Price: $14.95; 272 pages ISBN: 978-1-60381-184-2 (5×8 Trade Paperback) Anderson, Evelyn Klahre Stars and Flowers:…

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Ebooks for titles can be purchased at ebook retailers AbsolutionJohn A. Vanek(MYSTERY / SUSPENSE)Price: $16.95, 304 pagesISBN: 978-1-60381-623-6Trade Paperback An Academic QuestionBarbara Pym (Introduction and Notes by Hazel Holt)(LITERARY FICTION)Price: $12.95, 168 pagesISBN: 978-1-60381-178-1 Trade Paperback The Addiction of Mary Todd LincolnAnne E. Beidler(BIOGRAPHY)Price: $15.95; 200 pagesISBN: 978-1-60381-021-0 Trade Paperback “Africa Always Needs Guns“Michael Niemann(MYSTERY…

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DEROS, by John A. Vanek

DEROS: A Father Jake Austin Mystery by John A. Vanek

DEROS (304 pages) is the first book in a mystery/suspense series by John A. Vanek set in Oberlin, Ohio, and featuring amateur detective Father Jake Austin. A series of murders force Father Jake Austin to confront his own violent past, regrets over lost love, and his doubts about the priesthood. “This intense debut introduces a…

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The Spy’s Little Zonbi, by Cole Alpaugh

The Spy's Little Zonbi by Cole Alpaugh

The Spy’s Little Zonbi (272 pages) is a work of espionage fiction by Cole Alpaugh about an idealistic secret agent who tries to protect his daughter from the evil his work has wrought. Click here to read the article in the Wayne Independent Newspaper online. The Spy’s Little Zonbi is Alpaugh’s third novel. His second…

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The Book of Changes, by Jack Remick

The Book of Changes by Jack Remick

The Book of Changes (306 pages) by Jack Remick, is a work of literary fiction that covers a tumultuous year in the life of an idealistic first-year male student enrolled at UC Berkeley in 1971. It is Book Three of The California Quartet, a series of standalone novels about young men coming of age in…

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Baxter’s Friends, by Ned Randle

Baxter's Friends by Ned Randle

Baxter’s Friends (218 pages), by Ned Randle, is a work of literary fiction about three middle-aged male friends whose lives are spinning out of control. Baxter’s Friends is a finalist in the ForeWord Firsts Contest, sponsored by ForeWord Magazine. “We want our writers, our poets, our storytellers to make rainbows, not black or white or…

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Truth Be Veiled, by Joel Cohen and Carla T. Main

Truth Be Veiled by Joel Cohen

Coffeetown’s release, Truth Be Veiled (242 pages), by Joel Cohen and Carla T. Main, is a fascinating examination of legal ethics as well as a compelling page-turner about a complex murder case. A woman falls from her fifteenth-story window … was she pushed? Her husband, a high profile executive, stands accused of the murder. He…

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