Muir Woods Or Bust, by Ian Woollen

Muir Woods or Bust by Ian Woollen

Muir Woods Or Bust (216 pages) is a work of literary fiction and social satire by Ian Woollen. In a near future plagued by global weather weirding, a psychologist is forced by a manic actor to travel from Bloomington, Indiana, to California for the sake of an audition. Muir Woods or Bust won a bronze…

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Dash in the Blue Pacific, by Cole Alpaugh

Dash in the Blue Pacific by Cole Alpaugh

A guy from Vermont crashes in a tropical paradise ruled by angry gods. It’s a long way home. Dash in the Blue Pacific (256 pages) is Cole Alpaugh’s fourth novel. A lone survivor of a plane crash in the South Pacific is held captive by a tribe of shabby natives. As he heals, Dash learns…

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The Spy’s Little Zonbi, by Cole Alpaugh

The Spy's Little Zonbi by Cole Alpaugh

The Spy’s Little Zonbi (272 pages) is a work of espionage fiction by Cole Alpaugh about an idealistic secret agent who tries to protect his daughter from the evil his work has wrought. Click here to read the article in the Wayne Independent Newspaper online. The Spy’s Little Zonbi is Alpaugh’s third novel. His second…

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Fresh Wind & Strange Fire, by Lyn Fuchs

Fresh Wind & Strange Fire Lyn Fuchs

In Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: One Man’s Adventures in Primal Mexico (138 pages), travel writer Lyn Fuchs takes the reader to the more primitive and elemental regions of his adopted country, providing historical context and cogent and satirical commentary along the way.  Fuchs’ first book, Sacred Ground & Holy Water: One Man’s Adventures in…

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The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka, by Cole Alpaugh

The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka by Cole Alpaugh

The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka (288 pages), is the second work of fiction by author, photographer and journalist Cole Alpaugh. The Turtle-Girl was a finalist in both the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the 2013 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards. Alpaugh’s first book, The Bear in a Muddy Tutu, set in…

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A Kosher Dating Odyssey, by Van Wallach

A Kosher Dating Odyssey by Van Wallach

A Kosher Dating Odyssey: One Former Texas Baptist’s Quest for a Naughty & Nice Jewish Girl (204 pages), a humorous memoir about the special challenges of dating when you’re an ex-Baptist Jewish intellectual single guy. “The perfect mixture of self-deprecating humor and introspection.” —Hilary Daninhirsch, ForeWord Digital Reviews “A humorous exploration of cross-faith dating, A…

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