Dancing with the Muse in Old Age

Dancing with the Muse in Old Age, by Priscilla Long Dancing with the Muse in Old Age is a book about thriving in old age. While focusing on creative engagement, it is for everyone who is aging. It reflects the new ways of looking at old age as a potentially dynamic, happy, and productive time.…

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Parkinson Pete On Living and Dying with Parkinson’s Disease, by Peter G. Beidler

Parkinson Pete on Living and Dying with Parkinson’s Disease is a direct, honest, and sometimes funny assessment of what it can be like to face a life and a death with a neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s. Most of the writers of the books Pete reviewed in Parkinson Pete’s Bookshelves dealt exclusively with the easy early stages of the disease. Then they mumbled…

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Cannabis Use Survey, by Laurie K. Mischley and Michelle Sexton

Cannabis Use Survey

Cannabis Use Survey: Confessions, Insights, and Opinions compiles the results of a survey designed by Drs. Laurie K. Mischley and Michelle Sexton (288 pages). “Cannabis Use Survey is utterly fascinating to browse from cover to cover.”  Read more…. —Clint’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review Sixty percent of the American public agree that cannabis use should be…

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Minding the Muse, by Priscilla Long

Minding the Muse by Priscilla Long

In Minding the Muse: A Handbook for Painters, Composers, Writers, and Other Creators (128 pages), Priscilla Long shares her secrets to harnessing the creative gift, increasing productivity, and handling the business aspects of the creative life. Minding the Muse is a practical handbook for the artist or writer—highly experienced, aspiring, or somewhere in between. Long…

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