Sister City, by Ian Woollen

Sister City, by Ian Woollen Meet the concerned citizens of Cave City, Indiana, and their Mexican counterparts in Ciudad de la Gruta, a lovely town in the Yucatán – characters such as Delmar and Glodene Butz, Dolores Sánchez, Sheriff Hooker and El Plástico. They are concerned about the future of the Sister City accord between…

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Muir Woods Or Bust, by Ian Woollen

Muir Woods or Bust by Ian Woollen

Muir Woods Or Bust (216 pages) is a work of literary fiction and social satire by Ian Woollen. In a near future plagued by global weather weirding, a psychologist is forced by a manic actor to travel from Bloomington, Indiana, to California for the sake of an audition. Muir Woods or Bust won a bronze…

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