DEROS, by John A. Vanek

DEROS: A Father Jake Austin Mystery by John A. Vanek

DEROS (304 pages) is the first book in a mystery/suspense series by John A. Vanek set in Oberlin, Ohio, and featuring amateur detective Father Jake Austin. A series of murders force Father Jake Austin to confront his own violent past, regrets over lost love, and his doubts about the priesthood. “This intense debut introduces a…

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Going Dark, by Dennis Must

Going Dark by Dennis Must

Going Dark (184 pages) is a collection of seventeen stories by Dennis Must. The cover and interior illustrations are by Rostislav Spitkovsky, who also illustrated Must’s novel, The World’s Smallest Bible. Must’s most recent novel, Hush Now, Don’t Explain was the winner of the 2014 Dactyl Foundation Literary Fiction Award. It was also shortlisted for…

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Hush Now, Don’t Explain, by Dennis Must

Hush Now, Don’t Explain by Dennis Must

Hush Now, Don’t Explain (300 pages) is a work of literary fiction by Dennis Must. A white orphan and two mixed race friends set out from Ohio on a trip to New Orleans, in search of their roots and their destinies. Hush Now has earned Dennis the 2014 Dactyl Foundation Award for literary fiction.  Read…

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The Last of the Blacksmiths, by Claire Gebben

The Last of the Blacksmiths by Claire Gebben

In The Last Of The Blacksmiths (352 pages), Claire Gebben brings to life the moving story of Michael Harm, a nineteenth century blacksmith from the Bavarian Rhinelands who dares to follow his dreams of freedom and prosperity and travels from Germany to Cleveland, OH, to pursue an artisan way of life. Like many generations before…

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