Some Kind of Justice, by Michael Niemann

Some Kind of Justice, by Michael Niemann In the frigid air of Mount Hermon, in pre-civil war Syria, a shivering Valentin Vermeulen interviews Corporal Waldmüller, young guard who has filed a confidential complaint. Vermeulen’s job as UN fraud investigator has sent him to one godforsaken outpost after another ever since he angered his superiors by making accusations he…

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Lucia and Mapp, Two Stories, by Tom Holt

Lucia and Mapp, Two Stories: "Lucia and the Eighth Commandment" and "Humble Soup" by Tom Holt

Lucia and Mapp, Two Stories collects two new Lucia and Mapp adventures by Tom Holt; “Lucia and the Eighth Commandment” and “Humble Soup”. “Lucia and the Eighth Commandment”: Peacetime it may be, but not in England’s quaint town of Tilling, whose residents can count on the ongoing and quite entertaining battle for social ascendancy between…

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Going Dark, by Dennis Must

Going Dark by Dennis Must

Going Dark (184 pages) is a collection of seventeen stories by Dennis Must. The cover and interior illustrations are by Rostislav Spitkovsky, who also illustrated Must’s novel, The World’s Smallest Bible. Must’s most recent novel, Hush Now, Don’t Explain was the winner of the 2014 Dactyl Foundation Literary Fiction Award. It was also shortlisted for…

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