Satori, by Jack Remick

Satori by Jack Remick

Satori (146 pages) is a collection of poems by Jack Remick, who also writes novels, essays, and short stories. Until now, Coffeetown readers have known him mostly for his novels: Gabriela and The Widow (finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s 2013 Book of the Year Award and the Montaigne Medal) and his California Quartet Series: The Deification,…

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The Book of Changes, by Jack Remick

The Book of Changes by Jack Remick

The Book of Changes (306 pages) by Jack Remick, is a work of literary fiction that covers a tumultuous year in the life of an idealistic first-year male student enrolled at UC Berkeley in 1971. It is Book Three of The California Quartet, a series of standalone novels about young men coming of age in…

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Valley Boy, by Jack Remick

Valley Boy by Jack Remick

Valley Boy (254 pages), by Jack Remick, covers a year in the life of a third-generation Okie teenager who is struggling with the stigma of his heritage. “Valley Boy is the story of every kid who wandered out of the Valley into Baghdad by the Bay with dreams, imagination, curiosity and a mind that admitted…

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The Deification, by Jack Remick

The Deification by Jack Remick

The Deification (358 pages) is a picaresque novel by Seattle author Jack Remick that pays homage to the legendary San Francisco beat poets. Some of Remick’s influences include Kerouac’s On the Road and The Dharma Bums and Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. “The novel is a masculine got-you-by-the-throat wild ride, a coming of age and a coming…

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