Some Kind of Justice, by Michael Niemann

Some Kind of Justice, by Michael Niemann In the frigid air of Mount Hermon, in pre-civil war Syria, a shivering Valentin Vermeulen interviews Corporal Waldmüller, young guard who has filed a confidential complaint. Vermeulen’s job as UN fraud investigator has sent him to one godforsaken outpost after another ever since he angered his superiors by making accusations he…

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Illegal Holdings, by Michael Niemann

Illegal Holdings: A Valentin Vermuelen Thriller by Michael Niemann

Illegal Holdings (240 pages) is the third book in a series featuring United Nations fraud investigator Valentin Vermeulen. After a $5 million transfer in UN funds goes missing in Mozambique, Vermeulen discovers a deep vein of corruption involving land deals. “Up against a wall of deceitfulness and threats from hired assassins, a veteran investigator follows the…

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Illicit Trade, by Michael Niemann

Illicit Trade (6×9 Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60381-589-5, 244, $14.95) is the all-new second book in Michael Niemann’s Valentin Vermeulen mystery/thriller series. The story takes place in New York City, Newark, Vienna, and Nairobi. When two illegal immigrants with forged UN papers are found dead, Vermeulen is assigned to investigate. The case will take him deep…

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