The Sword of Tecumseh, by M.D. Carroll

The Sword of Tecumseh by M.D Carroll
The Sword of Tecumseh
ISBN: 9781603817325
Paperback: $15.95
Ebook: $5.95

The Sword of Tecumseh (212 pages) is the first book in M.D. Carroll’s Logan Wells Mystery series.  When a professor of history obsessed with finding a sword belonging to the famous Shawnee war chief Tecumseh vanishes from the small community of Prairie Stop, Indiana, Logan Wells must find a connection between events of the distant and recent past to track down what happened to the missing man.

Just an hour east of Chicago, in the small community of Prairie Stop, former prosecuting investigator Logan Wells is retained by his lifelong friend to investigate the disappearance of a professor. Jason Matthews, professor of history and specialist on the life of the famous Shawnee war chief Tecumseh, vanished after his last class of the week, and the local police have made no progress in finding him.

Logan is reluctant to undertake the investigation. He is still recovering from injuries sustained in a duty related accident, which was the cause of his departure from the prosecutor’s office.  He is also wary of the powerful county sheriff, Bill Hanlen, who is not fond of encroachment on his authority.

During the course of his investigation, Logan learns the professor was obsessed with finding a sword belonging to Tecumseh. According to legend, the sword was given to the Shawnee chief by a British commander during the War of 1812. Uncovering secrets from the distant and recent past, is forced to question his own loyalties and beliefs in order to solve the case.

Mark Carroll grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster PA, where he was on the Dean’s List and set a couple of school records while running on the track and cross-country teams.   Mark lives in St. Louis MO with his wife Carol (yes, Carol Carroll) and dog Lucy.  He still competes competitively in area road races as he works to finish the second Logan Wells Mystery.

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