No Right Way, by Michael Niemann

No Right Way
ISBN: 9781941890592
Paperback: $15.95
Ebook: $4.95

No Right Way (240 pages) is book 4 in Michael Niemann’s Valentin Vermeulen Thriller series.

“Niemann’s memorable fourth Valentin Vermeulen thriller…blends an unusual locale with an appealing, relatable hero while drawing attention to the plight of refugees. Readers will look forward to Vermeulen’s next assignment.”—Publishers Weekly 4/3/2019

It is the fall of 2015. The refugee stream from Syria into Turkey has swelled to unprecedented numbers. Valentin Vermeulen, investigator for the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services, is sent to check that the money sent to alleviate the crisis is spent for the intended purposes.

He visits a newly established UN sub-office in Gaziantep, southern Turkey. After being stood up by the local administrator, Vermeulen spends the weekend in Kilis to see if the refugees not living in official camps receive proper aid. He makes his way to a rough tent camp. None of the refugees there have received any aid.

At the camp, he meets Rima, who’s questioned by the police in connection with the murder of her friend. His decision to help her sets in motion a violent confrontation from which they barely escape. Despite her plea for help, he has to go back to Gaziantep.

His investigation into why the refugees in the camp haven’t received any aid leads to the discovery of an audacious fraud perpetrated by the local mafia.

Since Rima hasn’t stopped asking questions either, both are chased by the mafia and the police. Desperate to recover the stolen millions and keep Rima safe, Vermeulen faces his toughest challenge yet.

Michael Niemann has worked as a professor of International and African studies.

For over three decades, Niemann has been interested in the sites where ordinary people’s lives and global processes intersect. He’s shared umqombothi with shack dwellers outside Cape Town, interviewed Morgan Tsvangirai, former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, when he was still a trade union leader, and seen Eduardo Mondlane’s dorm room at Northwestern University, faithfully recreated at the Museum of the Revolution in Maputo. Along the way, he has helped students of all ages and backgrounds to understand their role in constructing the world in which they live and to take this role seriously.

In addition to teaching, Michael has pursued these interests through writing—fiction (the Valentin Vermeulen novels and short stories) and non-fiction. On the non-fiction side, he is the author of A Spatial Approach to Regionalism in the Global Economy (2000).

Michael Niemann grew up in a small town in Germany, ten kilometers from the Dutch border. Crossing that border often at a young age sparked in him a curiosity about the larger world. He studied political science at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität in Bonn and international studies at the University of Denver. During his academic career he focused his work on southern Africa and frequently spent time in the region. After taking a fiction writing course from his friend, the late Fred Pfeil, he embarked on a different way to write about the world.

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