Greenwich Mean Time, by Reed Bunzel

Paperback: $19.95
ISBN: 9781684920358
eBook: $6.99
Political Thriller

Greenwich Mean Time, by Reed Bunzel

On assignment for Earth Illustrated magazine in Northern Pakistan, Monica Cross stumbles upon a deadly secret that makes her the target of a dark web outfit known as the Greenwich Global Group. As they dispatch a team of hired assassins to ensure she never makes it home to New York, Rōnin Phythian—once considered the most lethal man alive and long presumed dead—emerges from self-exile in his remote African camp and vows to save her life, while taking down the brutal hit squad for good.

At the same time, freelance blogger (and former Washington Post reporter) Carter Logan gets word that the wreckage of the airplane crash that killed his fiancé has finally been found, and vows to bring justice for all those who died—and revenge to those who killed her.

Spanning ten time zones, nine countries, and four continents, Greenwich Mean Time is a tightly spun thriller that plays out against a violent plot designed to change the course of history forever.

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