Reformation, by Donald Catalano

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Political Suspense

Reformation, by Donald Catalano

President Perry Douglas is beginning his nascent administration with a focus on achieving some significant social reforms. The House of Representatives has passed an anti-discrimination LGBTQ rights bill that promises to implement sweeping societal changes.  Chief of Staff Clay Grover and his husband, Aaron Rose are instrumental in guiding the legislation through Congress. 

Stanford Winchester is having difficulty adjusting to his life in retirement.  However, he is appointed by President Douglas as Special Advisor on Judicial Reform. These actions reinforce the growing consternation of billionaire, Race Casserly. Casserly is a major investor in the privatization of Federal prisons, and views the Douglas/Winchester alliance as an imposing threat to his financial well-being.  

Together with Stanford and his wife Whitlee, Bessie Collins and her husband Lucius celebrate the grand opening of Bessie’s Best Pies. However, the joyous mood of the celebratory dinner is horrifically interrupted.  Shots ring out down Bourbon Street.  And in the aftermath, the casualties mount, as yet another senseless mass shooting has plagued the blood-soaked streets of America.

 After several twists and turns, the motive for the mass shooting on Bourbon Street finally becomes apparent, as old foes and long-standing grudges are disclosed in the suspenseful ending to Reformation.

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