Jimmy the Stick, by Michael Mayo

Jimmy the Stick, by Michael Mayo Jimmy Quinn was a gunman, bootlegger, and bagman, running with mobsters the likes of Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll, until a bullet in the leg and the murder of Arnold Rothstein ended his career. Quinn bought a speakeasy in downtown Manhattan and settled into a…

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Miracles, by John A. Vanek

Miracles (270 pages) is the second novel in John Vanek’s Father Jake Austin Mystery series. Father Jake Austin assumes multiple, often seemingly incompatible roles of physician, priest, healer and detective, and with each case, he hopes for miracles. “Vanek brings G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown into the twenty-first century and sprinkles in hints of PBS’s Grantchester. You…

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Illegal Holdings, by Michael Niemann

Illegal Holdings: A Valentin Vermuelen Thriller by Michael Niemann

Illegal Holdings (240 pages) is the third book in a series featuring United Nations fraud investigator Valentin Vermeulen. After a $5 million transfer in UN funds goes missing in Mozambique, Vermeulen discovers a deep vein of corruption involving land deals. “Up against a wall of deceitfulness and threats from hired assassins, a veteran investigator follows the…

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DEROS, by John A. Vanek

DEROS: A Father Jake Austin Mystery by John A. Vanek

DEROS (304 pages) is the first book in a mystery/suspense series by John A. Vanek set in Oberlin, Ohio, and featuring amateur detective Father Jake Austin. A series of murders force Father Jake Austin to confront his own violent past, regrets over lost love, and his doubts about the priesthood. “This intense debut introduces a…

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Big Dreams Cost Too Much, by Michael Niemann

Big Dreams Cost Too Much: A Valentin Vermeulen Short Story by Michael Niemann

Big Dreams Cost Too Much (Kindle Single, $2.99) is a novella featuring Valentin Vermeulen, a United Nations fraud investigator who is featured in two other short stories and two full-length international mystery/thrillers, Legitimate Business and Illicit Trade. Book 3, Illegal Holdings, will be released on March 1, 2018. Sent to a peacekeeping mission in the…

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Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon, by Clive Rosengren

Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon by Clive Rosengren

Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon (224 pages), is book three of Clive Rosengren’s mystery series set in Hollywood and featuring private investigator/part-time actor Eddie Collins. When an actress/exotic dancer from Eddie Collins’ past hires him to find her brother, he risks his life to both locate Frankie and keep her safe. Eddie is the real…

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Murder Unscripted and Red Desert, by Clive Rosengren

Murder Unscripted by Clive Rosengren

Murder Unscripted (240 pages), and Red Desert (184 pages) are books 1 and 2 of Clive Rosengren’s Eddie Collins Mystery series. Both books were finalists for the Shamus Award, sponsored by the Private Eye Writers of America. Book 3, Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon, will be released on December 1. Set in the Hollywood, the…

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The Nutting Girl, by Fred DeVecca

The Nutting Girl

The Nutting Girl (320 pages), a work of mystery/suspense by Fred DeVecca, is this author’s first published novel. After a wild young movie star is swept away by the river during filming, the PI hired to protect her vows to find out why. “Intriguing [….] Readers will enjoy the wild ride.” —Publishers Weekly “If you’d…

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The Sinking of the Angie Piper, by Chris Riley

The Sinking of the Angie Piper by Chris Riley

The Sinking of the Angie Piper (240 pages), is Chris Riley’s debut novel. The audiobook was produced by Blackstone Audio. A commercial fisherman learns about compassion and courage from his slow-witted best friend as the two men fight for their lives during a major storm at sea. 5 Stars: “Gripping! I read that this is Riley’s…

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One Fell Swoop, by David Linzee

One Fell Swoop by David Linsee

One Fell Swoop (288 pages), is a work of mystery/suspense by David Linzee. When Renata and her boyfriend Peter attempt to discover the identity of her brother Don’s London billionaire employer, they find their lives in danger. “Linzee’s enthusiasm for St. Louis current events, opera and London are evident in the details scattered throughout this…

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