The Sword of Tecumseh, by M.D. Carroll

The Sword of Tecumseh by M.D Carroll

The Sword of Tecumseh (212 pages) is the first book in M.D. Carroll’s Logan Wells Mystery series.  When a professor of history obsessed with finding a sword belonging to the famous Shawnee war chief Tecumseh vanishes from the small community of Prairie Stop, Indiana, Logan Wells must find a connection between events of the distant…

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The Nutting Girl, by Fred DeVecca

The Nutting Girl

The Nutting Girl (320 pages), a work of mystery/suspense by Fred DeVecca, is this author’s first published novel. After a wild young movie star is swept away by the river during filming, the PI hired to protect her vows to find out why. “Intriguing [….] Readers will enjoy the wild ride.” —Publishers Weekly “If you’d…

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