The Sand Digger’s Skull

The Sand Digger’s Skull, by Chris McGillion Six skulls are uncovered from the Comoro Riverbed in Dili. Examination shows that all resulted from violent deaths. FBI Agent Sara Carter, currently on secondment to INTERPOL, and her Timorese police translator, Estefana dos Carvalho, are assigned to investigate a possible war crime stemming from the last days…

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Let These Bones Live Again, by David Carlson

Let These Bones Live Again by David Carlson

Let These Bones Live Again (190 pages) by David Carlson is a mystery / thriller, and the third book in the Christopher Worthy / Father Fortis Mystery Series. Allyson Worthy and her renowned detective father, Christopher Worthy, investigate the apparent suicides of two wealthy Americans in Venice. Meanwhile, Father Nicholas Fortis looks into the recent theft…

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