Truth Be Veiled: A Justin Steele Murder Case


Coffeetown’s newest release, Truth Be Veiled (242 pp, $16.95/paper, $24.95/cloth, ISBN: 978-1-60381-080-7), by Joel Cohen and Carla T. Main, is a fascinating examination of legal ethics as well as a compelling page-turner about a complex murder case.


Available in Kindle.

A woman falls from her fifteenth-story window … was […]

Hazel Holt's first four Mrs. Malory Mysteries are Back in Print


Coffeetown Press is proud to reissue the first four novels of Hazel Holt’s Mrs. Malory mysteries, a classic “cozy” series based in the fictional English town of Taviscomb featuring a forthright, middle-aged female detective who has a lot in common with the delightful Hazel Holt herself. Read an interview with the author. [To order, please […]

Thank you, Mr. Salinger


Thank you, Mr. Salinger

The death of J. D. Salinger left me feeling that I had lost a boyhood friend. Salinger himself was never a personal friend of mine, but his creation Holden Caulfield was. Holden was one of the very few who understood my young self, who shared my amusement in the sound of a […]

Henry James's The Turn of the Screw


By Henry James, Edited by Peter G. Beidler

Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, is one of the most often read, often taught, and often criticized novels in the history of literature.

For the first time since 1898, readers can experience Henry James’s eerie The Turn of the Screw the way his original readers did, […]


I was pinned face-down in a pool of my own blood—in a bank vault. My cell phone lay just a few feet from my mouth, so she could still hear me if I projected my voice. “I just want some peace,” I […]

My Dear Charlotte


My Dear Charlotte, by Hazel Holt

Coffeetown Press is proud to announce the release of My Dear Charlotte, by Hazel Holt.  My Dear Charlotte is a British myrder mystery that takes place in the Regency period.  Unlike other popular Regency mysteries and romances, My Dear Charlotte is based on the letters of Jane Austen to […]