Ideas of Reference at Jesuit Hall, by Matthew Freeman

Ideas of Reference at Jesuit Hall, Matthew Freeman, Poetry, Christianity
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ISBN: 9781603812375
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Ideas of Reference at Jesuit Hall, by Matthew Freeman

The basic conflict in the poems is the poet fighting what is real and what is not real in his brain. We see him going around St Louis struggling to come up with a language that would make sense of his experiences. While somewhat confused, he takes great pleasure in words and the characters he meets on his way.

Matthew Freeman discovered he was a poet when he was ruined with love as a teenager. So began a cross-country journey that would leave him expelled from school and committed to an asylum, diagnosed with schizophrenia. After several years he was able to begin his recovery and finish his degree at Saint Louis University, where he was awarded the Montesi Prize. He is now an MFA candidate at the University of Missouri and was recently honored with their graduate prize in poetry. He continues to be poet in residence at Adapt, Missouri.

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