Frog in a Bucket, by Clive Rosengren

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-60381-262-7
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Frog in a Bucket, by Clive Rosengren

When Hollywood actor/private eye Eddie Collins finds a key in the pocket of a costume he’s wearing on a film shoot, common sense would tell him to return it to the wardrobe department. But his private eye’s curiosity tells him otherwise. On a ring with the key is a metal disc with the picture of a box with its lid open and underneath inscribed the word “Pandora.” Sewn into the lining of the costume is the name Ken Thompson. Tony Gould, a fellow cast mates, dies of an apparent insulin overdose. Soon after, Eddie discovers a young man rifling through his costume looking for the key. His investigation unearths links between Gould and Thompson and events surrounding the disappearance of a young actress.

Frog in a Bucket is Book 5 in the Eddie Collins Mystery series.

Clive Rosengren is a recovering actor. His career spanned more than forty years, eighteen of them pounding many of the same streets as his fictional sleuth Eddie Collins. He appeared on stages at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, the Guthrie Theater, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, among others. Movie credits include Ed Wood, Soapdish, Cobb, and Bugsy. Among numerous television credits are Seinfeld, Home Improvement, and Cheers, where he played the only person to throw Sam Malone out of his own bar. He lives in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, safe and secure from the hurly-burly of Hollywood. Rosengren has written three books in the Eddie Collins Mystery series: Murder Unscripted, Red Desert, and Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon. Books one and two were both finalists for the Shamus Awards, sponsored by the Private Eye Writers of America.

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