Retribution, by Donald Catalano

Retribution, by Donald Catalano The White House is the scene of chaos and confusion following the attempt on President Andrew Cochran’s life. Old foes become new allies as Democrats lend support to the fallen Republican leader in a dramatic power shift. The President’s life-long friend and confidant, Nathan Whitaker, demonstrates his love and devotion to…

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Restitution, by Donald Catalano

Restitution, by Donald Catalano Restitution, a follow-up to Donald Catalano’s novel Recusal, continues his suspenseful tale of Capitol Hill political retribution. President Andrew Cochran’s White House tacks to the moderate center after scandal rocked his nascent administration. His conciliatory gesture is seen by far-right ideologues as a Judas-like sellout of his prior conservative principles. His…

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Recusal, by Donald Catalano

Recusal Front Cover

Recusal, by Donald Catalano Recusal is a suspense novel that delves into the world of high-stakes politics played out at the preeminent level of the United States government. President Andrew Cochran and Chief of Staff Nathan Whitaker hasten to fill a newly open seat on the Supreme Court to gain political advantage for the nascent…

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