Berlin Walls, by Bill Rapp

Berlin Walls, by Bill Rapp It is August 1961, and CIA officer Karl Baier finds himself back in Berlin working with his old KGB nemesis and sometimes source, Sergei Chernov, who wants to defect. This time, though, Baier must find a way to get not only Chernov, but also his wife’s parents through the new…

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Tears of Innocence, by Bill Rapp

Tears of Innocence, by Bill Rapp In the autumn of 1945 Karl Baier, a young American military officer, arrives in a devastated Berlin, the once mighty capital of the Third Reich. His assignment: to hunt down, debrief, and, in some cases, resettle German scientists who helped build the German war machine. He is not alone,…

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How We Survive Here, by Claire Gebben

How We Survive Here: Families Across Time by Claire Gebben

How We Survive Here (334 pages), is a memoir by Claire Gebben with letter translations by Angela Weber. In 2008, Claire Gebben’s relative from Freinsheim, Germany, came to the Pacific Northwest, bringing with her fifteen letters, dated 1841 to 1900. As the two begin translating the Old German Script, they become captivated by the stories. Via 19th-century…

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The Last of the Blacksmiths, by Claire Gebben

The Last of the Blacksmiths by Claire Gebben

In The Last Of The Blacksmiths (352 pages), Claire Gebben brings to life the moving story of Michael Harm, a nineteenth century blacksmith from the Bavarian Rhinelands who dares to follow his dreams of freedom and prosperity and travels from Germany to Cleveland, OH, to pursue an artisan way of life. Like many generations before…

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