Should Grace Fail, by Priscilla Paton

Should Grace Fail, by Priscella Paton On a June morning, Detective Erik Jansson finds the body of a former policeman in a St. Paul dumpster. The victim, Dan, a recovered alcoholic, had been rescuing an addicted teen, Luna, from sex trafficking. With the backdrop of the opioid crisis, the detectives pursue suspects—missing Luna, who has…

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Where Privacy Dies, by Priscilla Paton

Where Privacy Dies by Priscilla Paton

Where Privacy Dies (252 pages), is the first book in a cozy mystery series by Priscilla Paton. When the photo of a little girl is found on an executive’s corpse, Detective Erik Jansson and his new partner, Detective Deb Metzger, delve into a world of lying informants and deadly secrets in order to uncover the…

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