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Lucia and Mapp, Two Stories: "Lucia and the Eighth Commandment" and "Humble Soup" by Tom Holt
Lucia and Mapp, Two Stories, by Tom Holt
Let These Bones Live Again by David Carlson
Let These Bones Live Again, by David Carlson
Wherever You Are: A Memoir of Love, Marriage and Brain Injury by Cynthia Lim
Wherever You Are, by Cynthia Lim
Where Privacy Dies by Priscilla Paton
Where Privacy Dies, by Priscilla Paton
Criminal Misdeeds (A Carrie Shatner Mystery) by Randee Green
Criminal Misdeeds, by Randee Green
The Songs We Hide by Connie Hampton Conally
The Songs We Hide, by Connie Hampton Connally
Illegal Holdings: A Valentin Vermuelen Thriller by Michael Niemann
Illegal Holdings, by Michael Niemann
DEROS: A Father Jake Austin Mystery by John A. Vanek
DEROS, by John A. Vanek
Crazy Rhythm: A Gunnar Nilson Series by T.W. Emory
Crazy Rhythm, by T.W. Emory
Parkinson Pete’s Bookshelves: Reviews of Eighty-Nine Books about Parkinson’s Disease by Peter G. Beidler
Parkinson Pete’s Bookshelves: Reviews of Eighty-Nine Books about Parkinson’s Disease, by Peter G. Beidler
The Hapsburg Variation by Bill Rapp
The Hapsburg Variation, by Bill Rapp
Big Dreams Cost Too Much: A Valentin Vermeulen Short Story by Michael Niemann
Big Dreams Cost Too Much, by Michael Niemann
Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon by Clive Rosengren
Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon, by Clive Rosengren
Africa Always Needs Guns by Michael Niemann
Africa Always Needs Guns, by Michael Niemann
Murder Unscripted by Clive Rosengren
Murder Unscripted and Red Desert, by Clive Rosengren
Let the Dead Bury the Dead by David Carlson
Let the Dead Bury the Dead, by David Carlson

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