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The Ghost Daughter
The Ghost Daughter, by Maureen O’Leary
Open Wide, The Eye by Susan Dworski Nusbaum
Open Wide, the Eye, by Susan Dworski Nusbaum
Spur of the Moment by David Linzee
Spur of the Moment, by David Linzee
The Game Warden’s Son, by Steven T. Callan
The Game Warden’s Son by Steven T. Callan
To Look on Death No More by Leta Serafim
To Look on Death No More by Leta Serafim
Everything I Love Restored by Matthew Freeman
Everything I Love Restored, by Matthew Freeman
Eating Owen by Anne Beidler
Eating Owen, by Anne E. Beidler
When the Devil's Idle by Leta Serafim
When The Devil’s Idle by Leta Serafim
Trio of Lost Souls by Jack Remick
Trio of Lost Souls by Jack Remick
The Big Bitch by John Patrick Lang
The Big Bitch by John Patrick Lang
Trouble in Rooster Paradise by T.W. Emory
Trouble in Rooster Paradise, by T.W. Emory
Dash in the Blue Pacific by Cole Alpaugh
Dash in the Blue Pacific, by Cole Alpaugh
Chef Interrupted
Chef Interrupted, by Trevis Gleason
Uncle Anton’s Atomic Bomb by Ian Woollen
Uncle Anton’s Atomic Bomb, by Ian Woollen
The Devil Takes Half by Leta Serafim
The Devil Takes Half, by Leta Serafim
What We Take With Us
What We Take With Us, by Susan Dworski Nusbaum

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